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Blender: Brazil, Pocos de Caldas
Laying on the outer rim of an extinct volcano, Pocos de Caldas is located in an excellent environment for producing high-quality coffee lots. Nutrient-rich volcanic soil, high altitudes and cool temperatures mean that coffee cherries thrive and develop slowly, allowing for a more complex final fruit. This lot is an excellent option for a blended roast. The coffee’s fruit-forward and nutty characteristics are complemented by decadent notes of milk chocolate and vanilla. Together, these create a creamy and viscous body, measured with a pleasant tart fruitiness – a fantastic option for providing body and depth of flavour to a blend.
Blender: Ethiopia, Buki Grade 1
The Buki washing station is located 2 kilometres from the town of Uraga, in Guji's Oromia district of Ethiopia. Coffees from this station are delivered by local farmers daily, purchased in cherry, and processed accordingly. This natural lot from Buki is packed with the tart sweetness of blueberry, fragrant floral notes and a subtle dark chocolate finish. It is an excellent option for adding the clarity of fruitiness and aromatics to a blend.
Blender: Colombia, Popayan Reserve
Found in a plateau in the Colombian Massif, Popayan sits at a staggering altitude in picturesque surroundings. These surrounds are full of beautiful undulating slopes, where coffee is cultivated. This lot from Popayan contains rich and complex caramel and chocolate notes and the subtle fruitiness of stone fruit. A classic favour profile, and an essential addition to a blend that is intended to be enjoyed with milk.
Blender: Indonesia, Java Frinsa
Java Frinsa Estate is located in Weninggalih near Mount Tilu, a vast mountainous area that sits at around 1,350-1,430 metres above sea level. With flavours of allspice, cashew, stone fruit and cacao, this lot makes a great option for a blend. It is excellent for adding spiced chocolate and nutty characteristics to a roast.
Single Origin: Kenya, Thaitha AA
Located at a high altitude and in rich volcanic soil, Thaitha Coffee Factory has all the environmental tools needed to cultivate exceptional coffee – and it delivers. This AA is a fantastic introduction to the year’s offerings from Kenya. Thaitha has nailed a coffee reminiscent of the Kenyans of old. Expect notes of blood orange, blackcurrant & lemon blossom – a classic Kenyan.
Single Origin: Ethiopia, Jigesa
Jigesa is a washing station located within the Shakisso district of the Guji zone, within Ethiopia’s renowned coffee region, Sidama. The washing station sits at 1,800-1,950 metres above sea level and very close to neighbouring Yirgacheffe. This lot showcases the distinctiveness and exceptional potential of coffees from this part of Ethiopia. We’ve found this bean full of stone fruit notes like nectarine, a distinct green apple acidity, and intense honey sweetness.
Single Origin: Ethiopia, Raro Nansebo
Located at 2,100-2,350 meters above sea level in the fertile coffee region of Uraga, Raro Nansebo is blessed with the ideal growing conditions for producing terrific coffee. This Natural Kudhume perfectly exemplifies what Raro Nansebo is capable of. Expect a juicy coffee teeming with stone fruit notes like apricot, complemented by the bright citrus flavours of orange, and finished with the smooth and delicate floral notes of rose water - a classic Ethiopian natural: always a crowd-pleaser.
ECRE Special Selections Drip Bags
Introducing ECRE's Special Selections Drip Bags! This exclusive and limited edition collection comes packed with ten drip bags from five of Sydney's premier roasteries. The best of Sydney's roasting community has joined forces to bring you a collaborative coffee experience for the first time ever. With the perfect balance of excellence and accessibility, brewing world-class coffee at home has never been so easy. All you need is a kettle and your favourite cup. Journey with us through a hand-curated experience of the best coffees currently being roasted in Sydney, Australia.
Fellow Ode Brew Coffee Grinder
The Fellow Ode Brew Grinder enters a whole new class for home Filter Coffee grinders. Fellow Industries have reimagined what a grinder should look like and completed the package to optimise performance for precision and consistency in grinding fresh coffee. Now you can go from roasted bean to final brew all with using a Fellow product. The 64mm Stainless Steel Flat Burr, ideal for filter coffee enthusiasts, are driven by a Smart speed PID-controlled motor that is tuned to maintaining a steady RPM whilst grinding. The intuitive control recognises when your coffee is ground and shuts the motor off with an auto-stop function. Single dose or add 80g to the hopper to always achieve maximum freshness. With 31 stepped grind settings, it’s a pleasure to adjust the grind with a smooth turn of the large, on the front grind-dial. Details like a magnetically aligned grinds catcher for cleanliness, a grinds knocker to reduce grind retention add to the ease of use and value of the Ode.
ECRE Tote Bag
Plastic shopping bags are dead. Long live the long life tote. Made of 100% cotton canvas, with reinforced shoulder straps NS flat fold bottom.
Cupping Cards
Whether you like doing your A-B-Cs or your 1-2-3s, these cupping cards will make sure you'll never lose your place in the cupping lineup. ‍These cards are made with a non-tear and water-proof heavy duty polypropylene stock. The cards are also double-sided: one side is numbered (1 to 13) and the other lettered (A to M). ‍
Origami Filter Papers (100pk)
These white filter papers are designed for the Origami Drippers, but may also be used with other cone brewers such as the Hario V60. Please ensure that you select the filter paper size that corresponds with the size of your brewer.
Origami Dripper S (1-2 cup)
There are plenty of pour-over brewers on the market. With the right beans, you can make beautiful coffee with pretty much all of them. But how many of these are beautiful just sitting there on your drying-rack, or in your cupboard?The Origami is. This stunning Japanese-made brewer is made of glazed Mino-Yaki Porcelain. When brewing, you balance the Origami dripper inside a ring that sits on top of your mug, decanter, or thermos. But it's not just about looks. The Origami allows you to use both cone and wave-type filters. We've had best results with the cone filters–the ribs that break up the surface contact between paper and brewer help the water pass through the coffee slurry at a more steady, even pace. If you brew delicious specialty coffee every day, pick a brewer that pleases both your eyes and tastebuds.
Timemore French Press
A glass press with a fine (0.35mm) mesh filter to ensure clean coffee.
Timemore Black Mirror Scales
A beautiful and sleek coffee scale compact enough to fit on your espresso machine’s drip tray, with a wide enough surface for all manual brewing methods.
The Craft and Science of Coffee
Follows the coffee plant from its origins in East Africa to its current role as a global product influencing millions of lives though sustainable development, economics and consumer trends.
What I Know About Running Coffee Shops
Drawn from personal experience, this book by Colin Harmon—who built 3fe from a one-man coffee cart in a nightclub lobby to the internationally renowned business it is today—offers a unique and honest insight into the day-to-day realities of what many see as their dream job.
World Agriculture Series | Coffee: Recent Developments
This book brings together the most important recent developments affecting the coffee crop. Contributions from 20+ internationally-respected coffee scientists and technologists provide a wealth of information in various subjects.
The World Atlas of Coffee (2nd Edition)
Written by James Hoffmann, this book is recommended for anyone interested in finding out more about how coffee is grown, processed, roasted and brewed.
Espresso Coffee: The Science of Quality
A comprehensive overview of espresso coffee (and coffee in general), discussing parameters important to coffee quality and consumption.
A Reference Guide to Ethiopian Coffee Varieties
A reference book exploring the more common coffee varieties native to Ethiopia, including cultivars and hybrids.
Coffee: A Global History
A history book for the coffee nerd in your life, jam-packed with information.
Dear Coffee Buyer
A book dedicated to the profession of green coffee buying, this takes an in depth look at bean varieties, processing, origins, cupping, forecasting and pricing.
Coffee Roasting Best Practices
Scott Rao’s super focused and easy to navigate consolidation of his roasting theories and practices.
Coffee Sapiens: Innovation Through Understanding
An all-encompassing coffee encyclopedia from the experts at the elBullifoundation.
Coffee: Growing, Processing, Sustainable Production
A comprehensive handbook for the coffee professional. Forty authors from leading coffee-growing countries present the most up-to-date practices in coffee husbandry.
Le Nez du Cafe Aroma kit
Identify and differentiate between aromas in coffee with this kit.
Syncfo Coffee Analyser
Once upon a time we needed different machines for quality control of green coffee and roasted coffee. Not anymore. The Syncfo Coffee Analyser is a convenient and cost effective way to cover all bases.
Coffee Atlas of Ethiopia
The first complete atlas of coffee production in Ethiopia: birthplace of coffee drinking and the home of wild arabica coffee.
The Monk of Mokha
The New York Times bestseller by Dave Eggers.

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