Roast your own

Set up shop without the pitfalls (or carbon footprint) of opening your own roastery. Good for the finances, good for the planet.

  • Industrial Roasters
  • Cupping equipment
  • Quality Control
  • In-Built Servicing
  • Packaging options
  • on-site Experts
  • predictable volume & Hour based Pricing
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Roast your own beans at ECRE

There are few greater freedoms in the coffee business than roasting your own. When you join our collective, the entire roastery is at your disposal: schedule time slots online and manage them as required; or set to recurring if you’re roasting a similar amount every week. However you like it, you’re only billed for time spent roasting (rounded to the nearest 15 minutes). Access to roasting machines, packaging equipment, green coffee storage, quality control tools and cupping equipment are all included in your membership.

If our pricing and facilities prove too tempting for anyone considering going it alone, then we’ve done our job—not only is it better for their pocket, it also helps reduce carbon emissions.

No roasting experience? No problem.

Not everyone who wants to get into batch roasting knows how to do it from day one. With industry recognised courses covering beginners through to experts, ECRE can have you trained up in no time. Just ask →

Roasting machines for all kinds of volumes.
Green coffee bean storage.
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“I’m a one-person operation, but it’s like I have a team behind me: if I order green beans I don’t need to be on-site to receive them; if I need backup beans, there are always some handy.”
Rowena Chansiri, Ickle Coffee

Roasting equipment for world-class specialty coffee

#1—Probat Probatone P5 / 1-5kg per roast

A highly responsive and intuitive shop-style roaster by legendary 160-year-old German manufacturer Probat. A cast-iron faceplate and double-walled drum provide excellent heat retention, thermal stability and even application of heat. Retrofitted with gas pressure gauges and Cropster linkup.

#2—Loring S7 Nighthawk / 1.4-7kg per roast

Loring is unmatched in energy efficiency, batch-to-batch consistency and control. The Nighthawk is their smallest unit and a truly ‘modern’ roaster that allows you to save, edit and repeat roast profiles with near-perfect consistency. Linked to Cropster.

#3—Probat Probatone P25 / 10-22kg per roast

Big brother to the P5, this is perfect for moderate volume batches. Like all Probatones, the P25 has a cast-iron faceplate and double walled drum for superior thermal stability and even heat distribution. This unit has a stepless pre-mixed gas burner and is retrofitted with pressure gauges and Cropster

#4—Loring S70 Peregrine & Blender / 14-70kg per roast

The best full bag roaster in the world, the S70 can roast a 70kg bag in under 13 minutes. It is remarkably energy efficient, with a carbon footprint a fraction of similar capacity roasters. Nimble, responsive and quiet, it’s easy to forget how much coffee you’re roasting. You can also save, edit and repeat roast profiles with near-perfect consistency.

#5—Ikawa Pro Sample Roaster / 50g per roast

A fully automatic, set-and-forget, digital sample roaster. We have a wide range of preset profiles that work with any combination of screen size, density and moisture content you’re likely to come across.

Packaging Facilities

  • Automatic weighing machine and multiple heat sealers
  • Digital scales
  • Buckets and tubs for temporary coffee storage
  • Laser printer (label compatible)
  • Coffee storage tins, coffee bags (recyclable and one-way valve), boxes, and labels*
  • Date labels, tape and anything else you may need to get your coffee out the door

Quality Control Equipment

  • EK43 Grinder
  • Moisture, density, and colour readers
  • ACME cupping bowls, cupping tables, kettles and urns
  • Reusable coffee sample jars available for purchase
ACME cupping equipment to test your roasts.
Packaging machines and tape? We have those, too.
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