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Chats with bright coffee minds, educational seminars, cuppings and more (to keep the conversation alive).

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There are no events scheduled for the near future.

Past Events & Workshops

Unravelling the enigma of Papua New Guinean coffee (with Joeri Kalwij)

Papua New Guinea produces some of the most beautiful coffees on the planet, and it does so in spite of massive political, infrastructural and economic challenges. Tuli will be talking with Joeri Kalwij, General Manager of New Guinea Highlands Coffee Exports, about what the future holds for specialty coffee in PNG.

Wed 9 Dec 2020 5pm
On Youtube Live
How to talk coffee with non-coffee people (with Nick Jordan)

Coffee people love talking coffee. But how do we reach non-coffee people without dumbing down what we do or boring them with coffee-speak? We’ll be talking to food journo Nick Jordan about what we, as an industry, might be doing right and wrong when communicating to outsiders.

Tue 17 Nov 2020 5pm
On Youtube Live

Since our first Roaster Smackdown in 2018 we’ve tried to bring together industry and punters in accessible, fun events.  Let us know how we’re doing