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How does ECRE ensure online fulfilment and safety of people?
Is the co-roasting facility still operating?
Will my shipment be delayed?


What does ECRE’s partnership with World Coffee Research mean?
When ECRE says ‘compostable’, what does that mean?
When ECRE talks about sustainability, what does that mean?
I'm writing an article and want to learn more about ECRE. Who do I contact?
How can I contact ECRE?
What is ECRE?


What payment methods do you accept?
Do I get to choose my own time to roast?
How many members will I share the facility with?
Do I need to bring my own person to roast?
What if I have no experience in roasting?
Do I need to purchase anything to start co-roasting with ECRE?
What equipment do you have at your facility?
What is co-roasting?


Does ECRE offer free learning resources?
How do I attend an online class or event?
What timezone is used for classes?
What is ECRE’s cancellation and refund policy for classes?
Do I get a certificate or industry recognition?
I’m new to all this coffee stuff. Are these classes for me?
What payment methods does ECRE accept?
How do I secure a spot in the classes?
What's happening with ECRE courses during COVID-19?

Online Orders

How old will my coffee be when I receive it?
Can I cancel my order?
What if I receive the wrong order?
When will I get my refund?
My item isn't working. Do I send it back to the manufacturer?
What's your refund policy?
Oh no! I just got my item and it doesn't work. What are my options?
How do I return an item?
What is your return policy?
Eeee! I can't wait to get my new item. How long does delivery take?
How much does shipping cost?
Where does ECRE ship to?