to brew

A six-month shelf life and all the florals, tones and sweetness expected from good coffee. Add water and enjoy anywhere. That’s ready to brew coffee.
It’s a simple as pouring the water
... and enjoying the coffee
Roasters can create their very own ready to brew (RTB) coffee in just three steps:


Choose a Drip bag or pouch

Drip bag
Coffee pouch
Are you after a pour-over style of extraction and clean mouthfeel? Go for the drip bag. Maybe your customers prefer max simplicity and accentuated body? A coffee pouch is the answer. Not sure? We’ll talk you through the options and choose the ideal vessel for your roast.


Optimise extraction

Together we’ll calibrate the optimal grind size for your roasted beans, based on extraction yield and sensory preference. Or you can leave the quality control to us. Either way we’ll deliver a consistent, quality cup to discerning coffee drinkers.


Send Us beans

Once we receive your roasted beans we’ll have everything processed and packaged in less than 7 days. Ready to brew coffee (almost) in an instant!
Once finished, your coffee is sealed in single-serve nitro-flushed satchels, boxed and then shipped to you ready to put on shelves.
Example of boxed product for Stitch Coffee
Example of branded nitro-flushed satchel for Stitch Coffee
Our small batch manufacturing process preserves the nuances of specialty coffee—resulting in a delicious, go-anywhere brew waiting to happen.

It’s that simple. To get started, email us ↗